Privacy Statement


The protection of your personal data is of great importance to The Business Excellence Institute and is taken very seriously. This Privacy Statement is written to be as concise and easy to understand as possible.

In this Statement:

  • “the Institute”, “us”, “we” shall refer to The Business Excellence Institute
  • “Members” shall mean all registered members of the Institute
  • “Service” shall mean all services provided by the Institute
  • “Personal Data” shall mean all data and/or information about an individual member’s person
  • "Registration Data" shall mean the Personal Data you are obliged to make available to become a member of the Institute: your password, name, email address, postal address, the approximate duration of your professional working experience, your business status and, if working, the name of the organization in which you work, job title or position, and location (country).

By joining The Business Excellence Institute, you agree to and accept the practices described in this Privacy Statement.

The Institute’s basic principles for handling Personal Data

The Business Excellence Institute works hard to earn and maintain the trust of its members. Therefore, we adhere to the following basic principles in the protection of your Personal Data:

  • we collect and keep your Personal Data solely to maintain your membership and to provide the Services for which you have provided the data
  • we will not pass your Personal Data on to any third party other than if required to do so by law
  • information you provide will be protected with industry standard protocols and technology
  • we shall collect, process and use your Personal Data in accordance with the data protection laws of Ireland and data will be stored in the EU
  • non-Members cannot view any of your Personal Data unless you explicitly agree to allow it to be visible in our Membership Directory, in which case your name, organisation, job title, and location (country) can be made public
  • any feedback or testimonial you provide with permission to make public, can be made public

Individual Members - Your Data and Permission you give for its Use

Your data is either:

  • Registration data, which we collect and process in order to (i) be able to assess and membership applications and where applicable grant a person membership, (ii) to provide access to the Membership Platform, and (iii) to create a “profile” for a person which is an intrinsic part of having access to the Membership Platform.
  • Additional information which you may opt to provide should you wish
  • Data which relates to you, such as Membership Platform usage data and contribution statistics

Registration Data

  • Password

For security, your password is only stored after it has gone through a "one-way encryption" process (technically, this known as being "salted and hashed"), so we do not know it and can never disclose your password to any third party.

The following Registration Data is accessible to other members without any restrictions:

  • Name
  • Membership Type
  • Business Status (e.g. working, studying, or retired)
  • Name of Organisation (when applicable)
  • Country of Residence

Additional Data you opt to Provide

If you wish, you may provide additional information to supplement the Registration Data in your profile in order to allow other members to get to know more about you and to encourage them to choose you as an appropriate contact or person with whom to collaborate. This information shall be visible to members who visit your profile. You control what additional information you provide.

Your Profile

Your profile on the Membership Platform consists of the Registration Data and any additional data you choose to provide. It also contains some statistical information and some information on your contacts and associations within the Membership Platform:

  • Number of times your profile has been viewed
  • The date you became a member
  • The date of your last login
  • Statistics on any contributions you have made on the platform (e.g. Blog entries or Articles posted)
  • The number of your confirmed contacts you have on the Membership Platform and who they are
  • A list of any discussion groups on the Membership Platform that you have joined
  • Any references that have been provided to you on the Membership Platform by other members

This information is visible to all members and is provided to help them determine how active you are on the Membership Platform, if and how you may be of benefit to one another, how best to approach you, and how long they may need to wait before expecting a response.

If you visit another member's profile, or if another member visits yours, information about the visit is communicated to the person whose profile was visited. If you do not agree that other members may see that you have visited their profile, you may not use the Membership Platform to view profile of other members.


The Membership Platform includes discussion groups (Groups).

Groups can be moderated by one or more moderators or can be un-moderated. For moderated Groups, the moderator(s) decide(s) whether it is open to all members or whether it is only accessible to a specific group of invited people.

All posts in un-moderated groups and moderated groups open to all members, can be read by all other members. Posts to private groups can only be read by those who have joined the group.


The Membership Platform offers you the possibility to enter certain activities and events into its Events service in order to publicise them. The Events function enables you to (i) coordinate your events ("Arranged Events") with other members and/or with non-members and/or (ii) to publicise other events that you feel might be of interest to members ("Publicised Events").

Each Arranged Event has an "Organizer". The Organizer decides if an event will be a "Private Event" or a "Public Event". Visibility of Private Events and their related information is restricted to those people who are invited to the event. The Organiser decides what information about the event is visible to those invited.

For Public Events, most event information is visible to all members. This information may include the Venue and an "Attendance List" that shows who is attending or might attend. If the event has people who have been specifically invited (or if members otherwise indicate that they will not attend) it also shows those who will not attend. The “Attendance List” will also show those who have not yet responded if they have been specifically invited.

If an event has a Feedback Questionnaire, responses to the questionnaires are visible to the event Organiser. If the Organiser has selected to request feedback on an anonymous basis, responses are not linked to a respondent’s name, otherwise the Organiser may be traced to the respondent.


Members who conduct surveys control who may see a survey's questionnaire, distribution list if any, and response data.

All surveys are conducted on an anonymous basis unless the survey offers an option for you to provide identifying information such as your name and you opt to provide it.


The service allows you to create and manage “ShareSafe” folders which act as a temporary storage facility for files that you wish to send or receive from other members. Files stored in a ShareSafe are encrypted and by default only you have access to ShareSafe folders you create.

You control who has access to each of your ShareSafe folders and the files they contain. You may grant your contacts "read-only access", "write-only access" or "read/write access" to each of your ShareSafe folders.

Private Activity

The Member Platform offers certain functionality such as your calendar, notepad, bookmarks, and tags, which you can use privately. What you do privately using these tools is not shared with other members unless you explicitly opt to share it with certain members.


Cookies are small files containing a very small amount of data that are used by most websites.

The Membership Platform makes limited use of cookies. A "session cookie" is to identify your “session” during the course of a visit to the site so that you can browse securely without needing to continually re-enter your password. As such they are necessary for the services to work as designed. Session cookies expire and become invalid when you logout or shortly after you close your browser.

If you wish, you may enable automatic login for subsequent sessions (by selecting the "Remember me" option when you login). Enabling automatic login saves a cookie with part of your login data in encrypted form on your computer. If you opt to enable automatic login and store the cookie on your machine, access to certain pages - such as your "Settings" pages - will still require you to manually enter your password as an additional security measure.

Browsers normally delete session cookies when they are closed. You can remove cookies using tools provided for this in your browser.

Log Files

Like most websites, each time you access the site, log files records certain technical data.

Analysis log files provides insight into things such as overall trends and when issues occur, what causes the problem, and how we can improve the quality of service to enhance your experience using the Membership Platform. We may also review log files, where we have reasonable cause to believe that a member is using the Service in breach of contractual agreements or applicable legislation.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may change from time to time. It is accessible (URL) under the link "Privacy Statement". If you have any concerns about this statement, please let us know using the Contact Us link provided on the website.